How about some new photos?

Sorry, no time for a write-up, but here are a few photos.


4 thoughts on “How about some new photos?

  1. Chad:

    Thanks for the tour of your beautiful (future) home. Looking forward to seeing the completed version in January!

    Mike & Laura

  2. So excited to see the new photos!! Hope Mike & Laura are wrong about the completed version being in January.

    Love You!

  3. Hey guys. We feel like we are finally progressing. The shell is officially complete. We have been putting in 12 hour days on the weekends making a push to be finished by Christmas. It is going to be tough, but we started tiling last week and we have about half of the interior painted. We are hoping to do the kitchen cabinet install in about 2 weeks. Still lots to do, but it is slowly coming together.

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