St. Croix Property – I Jinxed Us!

I should have never posted about finding a lot. The appraisal came back below the purchase price. I won’t say “way” below, but we were already at the extreme limit of what we wanted to pay, and to have to chip in this extra amount would have been really hard on us. The ironic thing about the appraisal was that the lot we had wanted this past summer sold for a really low price (or really low for an acre of beachfront property). Once again, we were kicking ourselves for not finding a way to purchase that lot, but with a large portion of our disposable income tied up in a lakefront property with a dried-up lake, it would have been nearly impossible to buy it.
We tried everything we could think of to make this sale work – the sellers just would not budge on the price. Apparently, one member of the selling couple really didn’t want to sell the lot, and he or she was happy to leave it on the market until the price was right.
Don’t worry though. We have a back-up plan, but I will not jinx it this time!

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