Solar Electric System – Finally online

Eco-Innovations (see update at bottom of post) installed 13 panels in December.  They wired us up in early January.   In early February, DPNR came out to do their inspection.  DPNR finally signed off on our system in early May.  Paperwork immediately handed to WAPA.  WAPA engineers finally came out to inspect this week.  Yesterday they changed out my meter so I can send the energy I produce back into the grid.  After nearly eight months I finally flipped on my panels for the first time this morning.

You can see my system here:

Solar Panels installed 12/15/2011



I found this net metering flow chart on the WAPA website. It gives you an idea of the complexity of the permitting process.

Update 2014:
When choosing a solar provider here in the USVI do keep in mind that the company mentioned above disappears after the install and is unreachable should you have any issues.

4 thoughts on “Solar Electric System – Finally online

  1. Wow pretty cool! I guess you know how much it helps in a month or so.
    And, Wow what a view from up there:)

    Love U

  2. Chad & Emily,

    Great pics and congratulations on your dream house!

    Cory K

    PS. Check out that energy production!! 🙂

  3. I found this website/blog earlier tonight and I must say, it’s great to look at the energy your system has produced so far…

    Also, very savvy move to install a solar array on your home, and it’s indeed a brilliant choice in implementing the Enphase micro-inverters…

    I’m really shocked DPNR took so long to come out and look at the installation, and even longer to sign off on the installation…

    Would love to know how much you’re paying for electricity now compared to before you installed the solar array…

    Great job Chad and Emily, and I do hope you’re having a pleasant time in your new home on St. Croix…

  4. I hope Cory used salt spray tested panels that close to the ocean.. JF has the highest sea salt spray on the Island. The panels will disappear in 10 yrs if not.
    Something to think about. Beautiful home BTW! 🙂

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