House Hunters International on HGTV – St. Croix

I should have posted on here that our show was airing on June 12th, but forgot.  Sorry.  So for those that have not seen it and want to, our episode is airing again on July 27th at 11pm.

Here is the link to showtimes:

Chad, Emily, and Alexandra Bentley


3 thoughts on “House Hunters International on HGTV – St. Croix

  1. Chad and Emily,

    Watched the HHI show on Friday night. You both looked great, but as someone with a place on the east end, it hurt for Emily to keep saying how it was too far from town. That’s the part we love about it! Maybe we can touch base when I’m back on island in September.


  2. I am a legal assistant at Maynard Cooper & Gale in Birmingham, AL. My husband and I would like to make the move to St. Croix. Do you have any advice as to how the best way to look for job in the legal industry?
    Thanks so much!

  3. Hi Daphne, sometimes they post openings at online job sites, but I think mostly they are posted in the local newspaper. Your best bet is to reach out and network with a few of the “bigger” firms and then make a visit. Line up some lunches and that sort of thing to just chat, it doesn’t need to be an interview.

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