St. Croix Ocean Vista Guest Cottage Rental

We finally have our guest cottage available for vacation rentals.  Our first renters are arriving from Georgia this weekend.  If you are interested in coming to visit St. Croix, and you should be, then consider staying at our cottage.  Sorry, no kids, and no smokers, but our rates are great.

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  1. Hello, I have been offered a job in St. Croix and I am needing some information on St. Croix to help my family make the decision (we will be coming from Kansas City, MO). I hear that St. Croix has a lot of crime and hostily towards mainlanders. Also, I am hearing that the health care system is horrible and people fly to seek care. I am also wondering what opportunities are out there for my husband to find work in the IT field. Any information would be helpful as we have to make a decision quickly without having the opportunity to visit the island. We will also be traveling with two large dogs (Great Danes) BTW… Love your house.



  2. Hi Megan. Thanks for the comment on the house. Well, if I could offer you one piece of advice it would be not to move here without first making a visit to the island. If you have never been to St. Croix you need to check things out prior to making such a big decision, even if it is just for a few days. I could defend St. Croix all day because I love it here, but you must form your own opinion of the island. Most people that move here without “wanting” to move here don’t end up staying. For all your questions about moving to the Virgin Islands I recommend checking out this forum: Do some searches on the questions you have as undoubtedly they have already been asked.


  3. Hi, I recently became an empty nester and I am looking to move to the VI. I not even sure where to begin with job search, housing etc. I watched your episode on HGTV last night 11/16/2012 and I know I could make it just need some guidance has you recieved from your real estate agent.

    thanks, Julie

  4. I’ve just read through all of your blog posts about building a home in St. Croix. Your home is gorgeous!

    My husband and I are going through the final stages of purchasing a condo near Christiansted. The condo is a toe-hold for us to use before purchasing a property to build on. That quest will start in early May.

    Thanks for the informative blog about building a home in St. Croix. I already understood it would take time, and thankfully we are relatively patient people when it comes to construction (always runs over schedule and sometimes over budget). Any high level process steps to share about building there (hiring a an architect and builder, land survey process, obtaining permits, etc.)?

  5. I can definitely recommend our architects. The land survey is pretty standard, when you get one for the bank for the loan request that the topo survey also be done at that time because it will be needed. Permitting, just make sure you allow more time than you need, although our permits didn’t take too long. The final inspections took a really long time though. Good luck and let us know where you decide to build.

  6. Thanks for offer to help. Would love to touch base with you about architects, etc. I’ll be down in STX with my sister the week of April 28th and looking at some land to buy. My husband and I will be back in late June/early July. Let me know via my email address if you are available to discuss the process of buying and building.

  7. How’s that new filly doing? We stayed at The Palms at Pelican Cove and drove over to check out Judith’s Fancy (we had to walk in, of course, and I apologize to the neighborhood if they heard me yelling at my whiny teenagers who had to walk 1/2 mile!) and saw the new foal probably hours old (certainly no more than a day). What a treat to be able to see her every day driving in and out of the neighborhood. She is adorable. I enjoyed your blog and seeing you on House Hunters International, but I couldn’t live there. Our intention for vacationing was reconnaissance for a future living locale. St. Croix just struck me as too ‘disorganized’. (Sorry, not trying to be mean esp. since many people love it there). From the lack of good signage/addresses to roads being a mess, to outrageous electricity costs (due to disorganized gov’t controlled power), etc., it would just drive me crazy. But, seeing as you two have been quite the Caribbean travelers, input on other warm climes would be invaluable as it might save thousands in travelling to places we would never want to move. I could PM you if you’d be willing to share likes/dislikes of various places. thanks!
    p.s. we walked by your house too and I like the placement of the guest cottage bc it still allows privacy for both you and guests. I had wondered exactly how it was situated on the property. And while the house build was expensive (and slow), it was shear genius to build a guest cottage — it’s well booked and nicely appointed.

  8. Hi Lisa, thanks for the comments. Yes, the filly is adorable. The cost of electricity is very hard on everyone. St. Croix definitely isn’t for everyone of course, but it is a beautiful place and it is where we want to be at the moment. There are many other Caribbean islands that are wonderful too, so you should be able to find the place that is right for you.

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